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Our business is designed to provide the highest quality of service to our clients, be they employers, trustees or pension scheme members. The bedrock on which the delivery of exemplary service is built is our ownership model. We are owned by our staff, with that ownership expanding each year as more enthusiastic and loyal staff join the team and reach long service thresholds within the business.

On top of this solid and enduring foundation is a belief that a quality service is a fully joined up service. Each of our clients has a dedicated team that know their scheme and what all other members of that team are doing in regard to it. This is exemplified by our administration teams where, unlike many of our competitors, member administration, scheme administration, accounting and payroll are all undertaken by the same team in the same office. The transition process of any new scheme is also undertaken by that team, not a remote ‘take on team’ so the important nuances of the scheme are learned from day one and the team quickly develop a deep understanding of it.

We could not achieve this without being able to recruit staff who are the best in their field. Our business model gives us this ability; it provides staff who are passionate about our business and the service we provide. The success of this way of working is easily seen in the positive feedback and commendations our staff receive on a weekly basis.

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