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Workplace Pension Scheme Governance

Cartwright - Workplace Pension Scheme Governance

Providing reassurance and support

Our bespoke Workplace Pension Scheme Governance service provides you, the employer, with all you need to be certain that your chosen work place pension scheme is fit for purpose, whilst providing members with straightforward guidance through a complex area.

An annual bespoke governance report is prepared and a meeting arranged for a key member of the Cartwright consultancy team to run through the report:

  • Breakdown of investment funds used by the membership
  • Pension issues that might affect the members
  • An assessment of the default fund
  • An overall assessment of how the scheme is working
  • An assessment of the key features
  • Management information on the scheme membership

A synopsis of the meeting is drafted in letter form to the members and includes all important points that have been discussed and gives comfort and reassurance that the scheme is running properly.

A bespoke booklet, updated annually, provides members with details of their pension arrangement written in plain English to cut through the jargon that goes with pension schemes and is provided in both print and digital formats.

In summary, the Workplace Pension Scheme Governance service portfolio includes:

  • Bespoke governance report
  • Annual presentation to employers
  • Plain English synopsis for members
  • Bespoke booklet for members

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