Cartwright - Actuarial Consulting and Pensions Administration

The Cartwright Difference

The Cartwright Difference

Our 'John Lewis' business model of staff ownership ensures both quality and stability of service with an exceptional depth and breadth of knowledge across all disciplines.

Our administrators have well over 10 years industry experience and average more than five years with Cartwright, while our actuaries have an average of over 18 years service with us.

Even with a fully engaged workforce, stability can be undermined by a business sale. In an industry where acquisitions and divestitures are rife, Cartwright is unique in offering a contractual guarantee, together with financial penalties, that the company will not be sold. This pledge ensures each customer has total confidence in our long term commitment and is secure in the knowledge that Cartwright provides true stability.

Resolutely focused on providing core services for medium sized pension schemes, all processes and procedures within Cartwright are designed and honed to deliver the highest level of service to this market.

Continual investment in the development of both people and technology allows us to provide the fastest turnaround times in the industry whilst maintaining exemplary quality and accuracy. A major investment in a state of the art administration platform has proved to enhance the speed and efficiency of operations. Our ability to respond quickly is aided by our strategy of resourcing ahead of demand. This has proved to be invaluable in allowing our teams to take on new customers and respond to industry changes as a matter of course. We routinely turn around actuarial valuations in 4-6 weeks.

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One step at a time - Cartwright - Actuarial Consulting and Pensions Administration

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